Love in the Air ! (Valentine's Special)
           Leaving my sweet dream was a great struggle because I didn't want to leave it ! But my phone kept ringing and I just had to disrupt my sleep.
          I opened my eyes, waking up into a wonderful reality and checked to see who disturbed my sleep........................seeing who it was, put a smile on my face and my body feeling the giggles of love and love in the air because it was a message from the one I love.
             This is a day that we have been waiting for, and whether we like it or not, its a day that welcomes another 'season of love'. It doesn't matter whether you are in a relationship or not, just feel the love in the air !
             For those in a friendship, relationship or marriage, this is a day to leave all worries behind and show this love to your partner not just for today but everyday of your life.
           Well, for some of you, distance is keeping you away from your partner right now and you feel so lonely or maybe heart broken. The good news is, don't worry ! the distance is just for a while, you can still send him/her a lovely message, give a call, chat with each other and feel each other's presence like never before.
          All you need for this day, is to inhale the perfect breath of love which comes from God alone, and share this love with everyone around you.................
'Valentine's Special'.............#Libby's Diary 9#


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