New Year, New Love .................
      As I stood at the school's gate waiting for my friend, Sarah to help me with my bags, different things came to my mind. My thoughts made me to be so excited and at the same time worried !
       "Libby !!!" Sarah shouted, I turned to see my slim sexy friend running to me with her happy face. I gave her the sweetest hug ever, and we started heading to the hostel.
      "Guess What ?" she asked, "What ?" I replied. "For the first time in the history of my one year relationship, Mark put my picture as his display picture on BBM !" Sarah said with so much joy.
        My friend Sarah was very happy because that was her new gift from her boyfriend, Mark. He has never done that before and it was a surprise to her, and also a sign of beautiful beginnings between them.
        This is a new year, and some spices and seasonings need to be added in our relationship with our parents, siblings, relatives, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse and  others.
     Its not about new year resolutions, its about making a change in our relationships this year. Those good things that we could not do or achieve last year, we can still do them and achieve them this year with 'new love' to everyone around you.
       That 'new love' is the change you need and the change others what to see  in you.........New year, new love !, #Libby's Diary 8#


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