Welcome to the season of 'joy', this is the month of champions and people with great distinctions.  This month is very special to me and I'm just so happy to be in it.
        As humans we have challenges or problems or some difficult situations we can't just handle. Well I bring to you a message of joy and hope, which is 'weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning'.
         An important reason why you should be happy is because you are alive ! remember, "when there is life, there is hope'. There are other reasons for you to be happy, if only you can ponder on God's goodness and his faithfulness in your life.
       Always see the positive side of every situation, never lose faith in God and in yourself,  and give someone a reason to be happy everyday. Most importantly, open your heart for happiness.
#Open-up for happiness#........#Libby's Diary 10#


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