AN EPITOME OF BEAUTY                

  Finally, the day to celebrate the world's heroines is here !. These heroines are fearless, loving and they are blessings to the world because without them the world can't be in existence.                      

  These heroines are "mothers"............and today is the day to appreciate them. I know the single ladies and those who are not mothers yet might be saying "well its not my day". You are wrong !, its also your day because you are potential mothers.                     

   No wonder, the wisest man on earth called her the 'home maker' and also said 'she's beautifully and wonderfully made. Apart from appreciating your mother, its also a day to appreciate every female that has been a blessing to you........your mother, sister, wife, daughter, cousin, niece, friend or lover.                                
   I love my mother ! and I will always appreciate her by God's grace. I don't know what your mother means to you, just want you to appreciate that special woman in your life because she's the perfect example of 'beauty'.                    

 #An Epitome of Beauty#.....#Mothers' Day Special#.................#Libby's Diary 12#


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