People do say that "life is a teacher, the more you live the more you learn". Whenever I think of my past, and the things life has taught me and my present, what life is still teaching me and my future, what life will teach me..........I ponder on this things and ask myself, "what's next ?".                         
   You can have a family and not have a friend, you can have a friend and not have a family and you can have a family and friends or 'a friend'. That friend, who you can't love as much as you love your family yet, a blessing to you.          

   You can never forget your friends, either good or bad but you can't appreciate all your friends. Only a friend, who has supported you spiritually, financially, morally, academically, materially and has been a good influence.

    A friend, who might not be there for you at all times but always in your heart. A friend, you will always appreciate in your life time even when they offend you or they are no more. That person who will always be 'a friend and a companion'.            

 #My Friend, My Companion#............#Libby's Diary 14#


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