I got this topic from a sermon by a very wonderful preacher and I've decided to relate it to relationships.
           We all have the desire to be successful in everything we do. Thats why we try our possible best to avoid failure but the truth is no matter how much we try, we still encounter failure one way or the other.
         Someone might be asking, 'Is failure inevitable in life ?'. Well, failure is inevitable in life because without it we won't be able to learn some certain things in life.
          Looking at some past and present heroes who encountered failure in their lives and through it they became victors, and better people that the world and  their countries can look up to.
            People like; Martin Luther King jr, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Mary Slessor, Nelson Mandela, Serena Willams, Bill Gate, Ben Carson, Ellen.G.White, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Gbenga Sesan and so many more.
           These people listed above faced one challenge or the other or have failed in some things but still they didnt give up.          We need to know that failure can be a step or path to success, if only we see the positive side of it.
           This month is another opportunity to learn from our mistakes made in past, and keep working towards success. When failure comes, we should react postively to it by amending the mistakes made.
           The most important thing is to surrender our lives to God, who never fails and has never failed.
"Redefining failure in relationships 1 "................#Libby's Diary 11#.


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