It was 3:25 pm, still busy with my chores when I heard a knock at the door. Immediately, I left what I was doing, to see who it was. My mouth was  wide opened due to the fact that I was surprised to see my friend, Kate and her beautiful eyes socked with tears. "What's the problem, Kate talk to me, why are you crying ?", I kept asking Kate these questions for more than five minutes yet she was still silent, crying more and more.

      After a while, she stopped crying then I knew she was ready to talk, just had to give her more time to say it. "Its Bill, he's no longer the lover I used to know, these days we hardly talk and when we do, its just like two strangers talking, I can't even remember the last time we went out and had fun........and this relationship is just two years old !" Kate said. I was so speechless.....

      Some relationships today are just like Bill and Kate's because there is something missing about their love life. It is important to know that its not a matter of how long but how well. Most partners who complain about having a boring relationship tend to blame the other partner for it. Same with my friend, Kate who blamed Bill for everything not knowing that she was also at fault.    

    Having an interesting relationship, that is making it 'juicy and spicy' does not involve only one partner but the two partners. A relationship should be romantic and fun filled.  

    Partners should always get in touch with each other through calls, texts, chats, emails etc. Always create time to be alone with your partner, go to romantic places, the movies, go shopping, have surprise dates, celebrate each other and so much more.
   Most importantly, engage your partner in whatever you do and your daily  activities. Doing these things might not be easy but you just have to give it a try. Its advisable that you do them in order to make your love life juicy and spicy.

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