WHAT IS LOVE ? (continuation)


                 ...Wait o!wait o! Reason with me... How can you love your partner if you can't show this love to your fellow brother?. Brotherly love should be the foundation but some times we neglect this and focus on the romantic part.This leads me to another question we should think about: why do people move from one relationship to the other with excuses like,' I don't have feelings for him anymore','he doesn't satisfy me anymore',' we were in love but we burned out'?

           What exactly are they looking for?. Well, not only we the spectators wonder but they too unconsciously. Sadly,many never realize what they are missing is this foundation that would hold up because there would surely be a point     where lovers would be tired of all 'em  romance.

          Funny but truthfully, I tell my friends sometimes that I want a guy who would love me more than the way my brother does. Better still, I want a guy that would love me like Jesus does( you can say I'm a dreamer, I love that tho).

        Do u really think Jesus felt like dying? And matter of fact a painful death like He did?...of course not! But did(decision) because of His love for us which is the reason why His love is the greatest of all.

         Hmmm... Yeah... All these long story is to buttress the points we all know:
'the couple that pray together stays together' and a great word a  friend posted on his wall which read,
'getting married(in this case,being in a relationship) doesn't make you feel loved... It makes you realize that love is more of a decision you make than a feeling you feel.'

   Nothing but a long-lasting relationship is what Lizinspiration wishes you...
    #Much Love


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