Very early Yesterday, my brother and I were on our way to somewhere in a bus, I sat close to the window side. Some moments later it started to raining, then I realized as I tried closing the window that it couldn't be closed which meant I would have my share of 'rain flogging'. I sad about getting wet, I told my brother and he also tried helping me closing the window but the same story still. Well,I decided to accept my fate since there was no thing I could do.

           Much to my surprise, my brother opined that we switched position. Then am like,'don't worry' but in my mind I was very happy. I accepted the switching...I was reading a novel on his tab before then so I continued and then, for a moment, I turned towards my brother and I was a sad to see that his short-sleeved cute white top together with hand were wet.

               I was really touched,speechless and proud. That was LOVE in action. Yeah, you might say that's brotherly love and has nothing to do with relationship blah blah blah buh mind me to say the only difference between a dating kind of relationship and this is the touch of romance.


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