A GOOD FOUNDATION

The wise man built his house on the rock,  when the rain descended and flood came and wind blew, it fell not. The foolish man built his house on the sand, when the rain descended, and flood came and the wind blew, it fell and great was it fall.
These words were written in the holy book and it shows the importance of a good foundation. You can have the best partner or the most handsome or beautiful partner, or have a great plan to build a good relationship, without a good foundation for your relationship then it will be a waste of time. Three things that form the foundation of a good relationship are; love, understanding and commitment.

A love that is patience, unselfish and forgives is ideal for a good relationship. Understanding your partner, his/her likes or dislikes, different situations that can occur in the relationship will help you deal with your differences, and conflicts in future. Commitment means being faithful and trustworthy. Not cheating on your partner might look hard but it's simple, and it shows a sense of responsibility.
In all...the best foundation to build your relationship is on God's word, God is ever loving, he understands us that why we trust him and he's forever faithful.

#A Good Foundation#......#Libby's Diary 19#


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