Falling in love is a beautiful and wonderful experience. It's a thing to fall in love and it's another thing to stay in love. Relationship is not only about falling in love, there's more to it.

          Building a good relationship can be seen from two aspects, the physical aspect and abstract aspect. Seeing it from the abstract aspect involves, sustaining the relationship, taking the 'bold step' of going into a serious relationship and most importantly, making the relationship worthwhile. It's impossible to build a good relationship without defining the relationship itself that is, setting goals for the relationship, and seeing yourself and your partner achieving those goals in years to come.

           When building a house, it's important to have a sketch of the proposed house, a foundation and also knowing the  materials necessary for building and those that will be involved in the building process. Building a good relationship just involves two people, you and your partner. That's why it's important to choose a partner that is ready and willing to build that good relationship with you. The materials necessary are, determination, focus, good frame of mind, love, understanding, commitment etc. Just like building a house is a project although a temporary one, building a good relationship is taking the bold step in a relationship and a life time project. Are you ready to take the bold step ?

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