PERFECT HALF (Series 1)

                          By Akinbola Pamilerin

               She was smiling as if she just got married, but no, she has been married for so many years. I watched with keen interest from dark corner in the house how they both play with each other, sometimes, they even chase each other around the house (like kids you say). I saw the way she sometimes help her man adjust his tie and he in return give her a hug (trust me, this is not Hollywood movie, I saw it live and direct).

               Even when she is angry with him, the man has a stylish and cute way of pacifying her, it always works, and she was practically defenseless. Sometimes when they start going down the memory lane talking about how the man usually walk a long distance just to see her, they just can’t help it but laugh. They talk about how big they have become in weight compared to when they first met. In fact, she can still recall every single line the man used to woo her and they still make fun of it. Let me even tell you one.

               This woman happens to be a chorister even up till now; she is blessed with a beautiful Treble voice. I recall the man telling me that whenever the choir start singing, he would stand from his sit making people believe he was enjoying the song or better still, moved by the song but in actual sense he was looking for where that angelic treble voice was coming from (hmmmm, smart man).
Not only that, up to date they still wear the same pattern of cloth out to parties and other places, they are so fond of each other. Of course am not saying things were perfect, they had their down moments too, but the way they deal with it leaves me awe.

            So you should be wondering who am talking about, well, don’t think too far, am talking about my parent.  I have learnt a great deal from them and their way of life.

             So many people would ask me If am  married to be able to give such insight about relationship issues, no I'm not, but I believe I have seen enough and heard enough to give you enough. I am not married but I'm engaged with the spirit within me for I speak not of my own words.

                 The question is why can’t we have a perfect relationship?  Yes people say there is no perfect person but does that mean we can’t have perfect people? Think about that................

              In subsequent series we will be unfolding more mysteries concerning relationships and also I will tell you how my parent continues to be my world best couple. This will be different from all the books you have read or sermons you have heard. It will be down to earth and no adulteration.  We are just starting.

            I am Akinbola Pamilerin and I would love to share this anywhere, anytime.


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