THE DIVINE CALENDAR

             In a year like this, you have goals, plans and desires for the year. The most common desire of every man is to have a better year than the previous one. With these desire and hope, you do everything possible to ensure that it's better. Sometimes you go as far as having a plan for the year in order to achieve your goals.

         The lyrics of a song I love says "the best of plans, best of schemes are nothing but guesses of immortal beings". This means your plans and goals without God is as good as nothing. Some people had plans last year but couldn't live to achieve their goals, some at peak of their achievements they died, some couldn't achieve their goals due to circumstances around them and maybe their plans were the best.

         Inviting God in everything you do this year is the best decision to make. Your plans or goals might look ordinary but with God the result will be extraordinary. Your calendar for the year might have been planned already but it's best to follow God's calendar, the divine calendar.

#The Divine Calendar#......#Libby's Diary 21#


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