(Made to Love Series)

Yes! I love myself, I've an interesting life, I'm happy, I've a goal, I know my purpose, I work on myself each day to become a better person and yes! there're so many things I'm doing right now to achieve my goals  and be fulfilled. But I don't want to be so busy and blind not to know when the right person walks into my life.

A friend of mine once told me, "don't let your ambitions distract you so much that you miss the opportunity of having the right life partner". I've realised over time that no matter how successful you're without the bone of your bone, your success is incomplete. In as much as you're working towards being a better person, don't be so occupied and make that loved one walk out of your life.

Always bear it in mind that you need someone who will always help you to achieve your set goals and make you a better person. Remember, love was made for you and you're made to love not just yourself but your other half.

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#Made to Love Series
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