"On my way to work, in this stuffy bus, my shirts soaked with sweat, thinking of my boss and the pile of work he has for me just ignited the anger. I began to ask myself, " how long will I continue this, is this really the kind of life I want, when am I going to fulfill my dreams????"
As I was thinking my phone beeped, reluctantly I checked who it was. To my surprise it was a message from my friend Titi and looking at her message, I knew these are the words I need right now."............


Stories would always be stories. They sound sweet to the hearer but the actual fact is that it happens like every normal life happens...that is, at the moment it doesn't seem much like a story till the moment is passed.

Yes! Ladies are strong that they could make things happen on their own but they are fragile that they shouldn't be left on their own.

Every lady knows when she is used as a sex object. Women are not objects but goodly pearls of great worth that should be enhanced in value.

Enough of the dreaming. Writers write,  singers sing,  speakers speak.. No one in a profession got there by thinking about when they would get better. They began doing what those in the profession do.

Every adult with a will were once babies without. We all at one point thought about when we would grow to become adults but somehow adulthood crept in.

You never know as much pain a person is going through.  You can only sympathise with them till you have walked in that exact shoes yourself.

#A Dose of Inspiration by Titilope James
#Libby's Diary 46


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