What's Next Papa ???
(Inspiration from Apostle Paul)

You knew me before my birth,  you remind me daily of your plans for me.
Your breath gave me life, a life full of grace and mercy, a life full of abundance.
Your spirit, like a strong wind, protecting me from life's brutality.

You're so merciful, you don't deal with my problems as something remote and unimportant.
You enter in my mess and you deliver me daily.

I'm sorry for ignoring you, thinking of myself than you. I'm sorry for focusing on myself than you, forgetting that you know me more than I do.

Sometimes I get confused, when I don't know what to do and I ask, 'what's next papa ?'.
You keep reassuring me that your plans for me are nothing but good........

#What's Next Papa ?
#Libby's Diary 47
#March Born


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