Photo by Jean Fidele

The *Lost* Sheep

A sheep I am
No one as guide
Or one there is, just unavailable
In fact alone I am
Even In a peopled world

So to wander,I decide
Into the woods
The people there to know
If they will 'see me'
Different they may be.

Then I see my face on the walls
'Lost',  I am announced
All eyes on me
Not just as a person
But a lost one

Not that they care
I think thoughts 'Would they?'s
Ask where I came
Or why I left
No, Disdainful looks I often get

Who are guides anyway?
These present but absent?
Wait ,I will for who will seek me
Till then, in pleasures I will drown
For no one knows me here anyway.

This talks on the term used on youths today,  LOST. They are? But how did that happen?. One of two things must have happened (1) the shepherd was careless or (2)the sheep wandered.  Even in case two, the sheep should be sought after and not left to themselves to self destruct. But the reverse  is the case these days,  we call the lost *lost* doing nothing about them as the  dreadful external environment adopts them and give them the false feeling of safety in the evil they are involved with. Who will go after these lost ones. A lot of them are hurting no matter how tough they act.  Who will look at them differently?  Will you?  Will we?

#The Lost Sheep by Titilope James
#Libby's Diary 48


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