Staying in the dark feels comfortable sometimes,
You think you are free from the world and all its drama,

Everything feels calm
But you are there lost in your thoughts,
You cry your heart out every now and then,

You are scared of coming out of your shell,
You are scared you don't matter to anyone,

You are scared you will be laughed at,
You run away from discouragement and failure,

My dear the world won't change because of you,
You are the change the world needs,

Staying in the dark won't solve anything,
You need to unleash the potentials in you,

Forget about the past, forget about the hurt,
Forget what and who made you who you are now,

Focus on who you want to be, create new memories,
Surround yourself with positive minds and erase every negativity,

The world will condemn you, friends will betray you,
Don't shake! You can make it and you will.

#Undeterred by Opeyemi Ogunsanmi
#Libby's Diary 52


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