Don't tell her to take off her pants, tell her to take off every iota of timidity, ignorance, low self esteem and foolishness.

Don't tell her she is beautiful, tell her she is the most intelligent lady in the world!

Don't tell her to go harder, tell her she can be on top of the world if only she try harder!

Don't tell her you want her body. Tell her you want her among the top organisational boards of trustees!

Don't tell her to be your girlfriend. Tell her to be a woman of honour,

Don't tell her sex isn't bad, tell her sex is going to distract her from ruling the world!

Don't tell her to come by at night, tell her to burn the candles and read her books!

Don't tell her no body would know, tell her that God in Heaven watches all.

Tell her she can be a queen!
Tell her she can be a hero!

Tell her she can overcome every challenges!
Tell her the world is waiting for her!

Tell her is a symbol of peace!
Tell her she would rule nations!

Tell her to be the best at what she do!
Tell her to study harder!

Tell her never to be distracted!
Tell her she is too young to have sex!

Tell her she can everything she wants to be if only she tries!

Please, TELL HER!
She is only a teenager!
Don't molest her!!!

#Educate 'Her' by Armstrong Prosper
#Libby's Diary 59


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