Hello Ladies by James Samuel

Hello Ladies by James Samuel

Few days ago, I had an interaction with an individual who drinks extensively, I discovered regardless of his drinking skills, he still understood what good is. Few moments before our interaction, he saw me walking with a wonder & good looking lady and immediately from far called my nickname "Omo Oba"...(Sound Cool right....lol). I waved at him, smiled and continued walking.

Some minutes later, in the evening, I boarded his bike home (He takes me home most times though...Not really a bike man sha but a Lagos hustler). While journeying home, he said in Yourba, "Omo Oba, Babe ye make sense gan oo" I responded "Thank You. Few seconds later still heading home, he started advising on women and the most intriguing part of the advice was when he mentioned three very important things that need to be in a woman before you date or marry her.

He mentioned Beauty, Body Shape and most importantly Character/Attitude. He added by saying, If She doesn't have a good Character/Attitude, there is a problem. I smiled, thanked him. Few minutes after he dropped me off, I had a deep through about what he said and discovered he made a point.

To our ladies, future wives and Mothers, Beauty and Body psychic is not enough. The moment your attitude, character or thinking capacity is low, the beauty is a waste. What shall it profit a woman with outstanding beauty and have zero manner of approach? It's dead.

So I write to our Ladies, Wives and Mothers, don't be like every other Lady that her only aim in life is to slay and become the Queen. But rather, become a Queen of VALUE. A woman of good Morals. A woman of high intellect. No MAN will run after a woman with ZERO value.

Aspire to become a woman of VALUE and you will SMILE all the days of your life.

Thank You.........

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