Allow Me ! By Titilope James

               ALLOW ME! BY TITILOPE JAMES       
They say there is no place like home but a lot of us would rather spend time elsewhere than home. This is because we don't even feel like home when we are home. We are served frustrations of expectations, conflicts between generations and portray dozens of angry expressions. So home, is more like a cage,  factually for a lot of youths. This is why most times its a hurdle getting them to come home or even stay home for a while.

How receptive are you of your children's dream,goals and personality?. One fact you need to understand is, as your children grow they demand some freedom to be responsible for themselves and make their own decisions - which they do around their friends.

They want to be encouraged and believed in that their dreams could be a reality. You have no idea how honoured they are to get it from you. But you see,when they realise that all they get around you is words on how childish and unrealistic their dreams are solely the basis of what worked in your time and your personal opinion. Then,You would have to be chasing your child to come home all the time because they wouldn't.
This is one fact you need to understand as a parent.

The secret to bringing them home is allowing them to be the adult they are growing to be,Lending your listening years,showering them with words of confidence and even when you don't understand their dreams give them an objective advice with your prayers that it all turn out well for them.

Their race from home speaks 'allow me!'

Tag a parent.  You might just help bring a child home.

What do you think?

#Allow Me by Titilope James
#Libby's Diary 61

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