Book Alert !


                         BOOK ALERT !

As we prepare for the new year, I want to introduce a wonderful book titled, 'What is God's Plan for your Generation ?' written by Kehinde Okewole.  If you want to have a better relationship with God from now on, then this is the best book to read.

The book talks about how we have been called to a greater calling of not only discovering God's plan for our lives, but that of our generation (Acts 13:36).
That is why it's important we find God's plan and fit our purposes in them. For only in this is true success.

The author, Kehinde Okewole is a Marine Geologist by training. He is a writer, speaker and lover of God and his kingdom.

To get this book contact Kehinde via email for the hardcopy, and trust me, you won't regret it !


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