Yeah, I know someone is like, "What's Libby saying again ?". Well, I know what I'm saying because I understand how frustrating it is looking for a job.

Is it about the way, you'll be broke ? or the way your parents and relatives will be giving motivational talks everyday ? or the way some will talk to you like you're just lazy and you're not ready to get a job ( most annoying ) and of course those who are business owners but still want a job and some people think they're crazy. A lot of drama involved in the job seeking zone, but don't worry there will be an end to it, * winks *.

You know that feeling where, you're so in love with someone and the person just ignore you like you don't exist ? That's exactly how it feels when you've tried all means to look for a job and it's like you're going crazy. My dear friend, you need to stop the chase !

To stop chasing is not for you, to sit back, relax and become nonchalant about getting a job. But it's about self-discovery, going back to the drawing board and see what else you can do. Trust me, there are other things you can do while looking a job, like learning a trade, skill or volunteering as an intern in a firm.

I know to some this might look undermining, the truth is it is a learning process that prepares you for the future. It's important for you to  do something while looking for a job because it's not advisable to be idle at all ( lols ).

Lastly for those who're into one business or the other but you still want to have a career, don't mind those people telling you to forget about it. Just remain focus on your business, look for ways to expand it, be the master in what you do, believe in yourself and after all that, if you're still opened to get a job, then the job will come, it's just a matter of time.

If you'll love to share your job seeking experience with me, you can do that in the comment box below. I'll love to hear from you xoxo.


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