Entrepreneurs Corner : Kiyeseni Foundation

Kiyeseni Foundation was founded in 2011 with the initial objective to assist out of school children back into schools and employing teachers to support them thus making their Back-To-School experience less stressful. Through this, we met children with learning differences and we equally provide necessary and important support for them too.

Kiyeseni also creates awareness on Child Abuse through Walks, Talks and seminars for children, teachers, parents and child care givers.

In 2017, the organization achieved the following :
• Successfully organize two Walks and a Talk Session to raise awareness on Child Abuse in April and September respectively

• Reached out to over 200  children via our Back To School Intervention Program in September

• Fed 12 families in December

• Assisted 10 children back into schools

• #HelpASmile of over 2000 children in Adogbo Community (Makoko) in December. A Christmas Concert at Makoko and gave out cloth, food items amongst others.

Social Media Platform :l
Facebook: Kiyeseni Foundation
Instagram: @kiyeseni
Email: kiyesenicares@gmail.com


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