Entrepreneurs Corner : Transcendence Line consulting (TLC)

Transcendence Line consulting (TLC), an innovative digital business development organization that believes in helping small businesses to grow by combining creative digital business solutions with standard international practices in the area of branding and business development.

It was founded by Pamilerin Akinbola in 2016, a graduate of Information Resources Management from Babcock University. TLC currently offers consultancy services to a lot of fast rising businesses in Nigeria.

They also offer some unique set of services such as;

• Corporate trainings/ seminars on digital development, branding and so on.
• Business development consultation.
• Branding
• Digital marketing research

TLC can be reached via any of these means : IG-@iampams, fb-pamilerin Akinbola, twitter-i_ampams
Phone number -08102287140
Email -pamilerinakin@gmail.com


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