Banter : No Shaming!

No Shaming !
Body Shaming can be simply defined as an act of describing or calling someone with a negative adjective (e.g, fat, ugly,  too skinny etc.) that sometimes creates hostility and animosity between people. 

Yes, it's possible you're concerned about someone's health or looks but you can express yourself without talking in a rash or cold manner. If you're really concerned about how someone looks then you should support/advice such person to thrive for a better look or body shape and not humiliate him/her.

Perhaps, you've experienced body shaming in any form, I want you to know that ;

1) It doesn't define you, so don't feel bad or depressed at all. 

2) It's your body, fight for it. If there's anything you need to improve on to have a better look or body shape, then work towards it and enjoy the process. 

3) Angry ? then don't hesitate to express yourself. Sometimes you need to let the person trying to body shame you know that you're not happy with those words he/she used.

4) Well, there are also times you need to ignore.   Sometimes people who body shame don't know that it's wrong and offensive, so just let it go. 

5) Finally, educate them. Create more awareness about body shaming among your friends, social groups, and community. 

Remember, it's your body and it's your choice. xoxo

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