Entrepreneurs Corner : Foodtrolley

Foodtrolley is a Food Servicing Company created in October 2016 with the motive to make the 'food journey' from farm to mouth easier across every sector of the value chain.

The company currently maintains an online grocery store that services Lagos, Nigeria with a 3 hour delivery window. The Store runs 7 Days a week and stocks a wide range of websites on its platform www.foodtrolley.com. Foodtrolley also services food business with Logistics and Supply Services.

The company's mission includes deploring effective solutions to food logistics and production to create and sell quality agricultural/food produce. This is believed to be part of growing responsibly and being more conscious about what we eat and how food products are handled until the final destination.

Foodtrolley is also determined to infuse technology with food production, retail, and wholesale. To support a shift in the food culture for a sustainable healthy living and provide a convenient service that is accessible to all.
For more information and patronage ;

• Call : 09055506070
• Website : www.foodtrolley.com
• Email : contact@foodtrolley.com
• Facebook : foodtrolley
• Instagram : @foodtrolley.ng
• Twitter: foodtrolley_ng


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