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Veggie Victory
VeggieVictory became Nigeria's 1st Vegan (strict Vegetarian) restaurant in May 20013 - serving 100% plant based, healthy and delicious meals at Freedom Park in Lagos Island. Another first came in 2016, when Vegetarian Chunks was introduced as a retail product. VegMeat is a 100% locally manufactured meat substitute and already available in over 12 Nigerian states and even ordered from abroad.

VegMeat has a strong socio-economic impact as it aims to undercut the price of conventional meat, which is a big factor for people in Nigeria which is one of the fastest growing population on this planet.

Till date, Veggie Victory has always surprised Lagosians with Vegan delicious and healthy meals. Our 100% plant strong ingredients are the basis for a variety of intercontinental inspired snacks like Burgers, Soy Hot Dog, Tofu Scramble and Shawarma. Veganized Nigerian delicacies are our passion, giving the culinary heritage of Nigeria a new perspective: Eba, Pounded Yam, Wheat and Semo with Egusi and Efo Riro stews with Vegan meat.

"We want to give Nigerians a healthier and at the same time delicious option for meat. An alternative or more variety for meat will have tremendous impact on people's health and also helps efforts that tackle food security, environmental and socio-economic challenges“, says Hakeem Jimo, founder of VeggieVictory and Vegetarian Chunks.

Also available are the Vegan version of Nigeria’s famous Suya, Asun, Pepper Soup and Nkwobi. Our smoothies and juices from fresh seasonal fruits as well as the shakes with soy or tiger nut milk are another reason to visit VeggieVictory.

For more information and patronage ;

• Instagram: @veggie_victory, @LoveVegMeat

• Facebook: VeggieNaija, LoveVegMeat

• Twitter: @LoveVegMeat, @VeggieNaija

• Youtube: Veggie Victory


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