me Versus Me by Bola Daniel

me Versus Me
'me Versus Me' is an attempt by the author to chronicle selected experiences he has been through with the aim of spreading hope. The author’s style is different as he makes use of humour and day-to-day slang and dictum. It buttresses the place of embracing time, exposure and process to the life of an individual who overtime becomes better and useful to the world at large.

About Bola Daniel

Bola Daniel is a young and budding youth who is so much interested in transforming his present world to what he has in mind, a better world. His exposure to the world of arts and humanity in general, has given him an unending passion to writing and speaking words into lives. He is a public speaker and found expression amongst several reputable firms.

He spearheads the King Makers Initiative, an initiative aimed at raising societal nonentity into nobility and royalty through conscious living. He is a contributor to blogs and e-magazines with his main focus on nation building. He is interested mainly in youth and teenagers empowerment, as he believes they are the leaders of today, great leaders of tomorrow! He believes in the year 2025 dream of Nigeria been the most desirous nation to live in, and thus he works assiduously towards building her.

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