Banter : SGA !(Ladies let's do it !)

SGA !(Ladies let's do it !)
I know you might be wondering what 'SGA' stands for right? Ok let's start from here, if by this time, in this sweet weather, you don't know what 'SBA' means then you're on a long

SBA is 'Sweet Boys Association !' (I'm so excited, lol 😃). Now change the 'B' to 'G', that gives you 'Sweets Girls Association! '

Falz The Bahd Guy started the movement, 'Sweet Boys Association' aka SBA some weeks back. He started out posting pictures of himself and his celebrity friends using #SBA.

Guess what? there is a website for this association,, so this is not a joking struv, lol.

One thing that kept me awe of this association is the 'Code of Conduct' (COC) . When I saw it I was like 'omg, I love it!'. Just take your time to read it, you'll see that this is a good COC of any sane being not just for men alone.

So ladies let's forget the beef and have our own 'Sweet Girls Association' aka SGA!  It's good to copy good things right?  So let's go ! xoxo...........

Images : @falzsthebahdguy via Instagram


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