ClotheMe Project

ClotheMe Project
The Clothe Me project, is a non-profit outreach program, that equips children and adults with transferable decent clothing, to meet the needs of less privilege communities. We gather up used clothing in large sums, look out for communities in dire need of our services and organise an outreach at a strategic location.
We also volunteer with other non-governmental organisations by supporting through our donations.

We distribute much-needed clothing, food and accessories to an average of 500-2000 annually. Within one year into this project, we have planned and organised outreach for the community of Feri, Oworonshoki, Children’s Day Celebration and Volunteer with Jakin NGO. We identify with other solutions than clothing, hence our openness to partnerships.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, we strive to promote well-being for all ages at all ages, by increasing access to healthy living, social welfare and distribution of information. We are hopeful for future where we can put our skills to use.

To donate/volunteer ;

• Call: 09026 056 443

• Email:

• Website:


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