Ladùn's Memoir : Seclusion

Ladùn's Memoir : Seclusion
Photo Artist : Reggierock

     For more than a week now, I have not seen 'my girls', Shade and Halima. I really miss our hang-outs, going to the Xtreme book club, the Lagoon Jazz night, bible study, and so much more. I really can't wait for this to be over.

    One thing I'm grateful for is that myself and my team were able to meet-up with all our customers orders before the lock-down. Oooh yeah, I remember I'm yet to tell you what we do, and incase you missed my formal introduction, click here. So basically, we make quality organic skincare products, like soap, lotion, oil and the likes.

    Hmmm, this pandemic has taught me the importance of planning ahead a.k.a preparation. I remember at the beginning of this year, when I told our Lead Formulator to produce x3 of what we usually produce. He thought I was crazy but I insisted, and by the second week of this month we got massive orders from our customers. We were all shocked but ready.

    I know this time is tough but I still believe there are lessons to be learnt. You can also share what you've learnt so far, I'll be glad to hear from you....xoxo.

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