Ladùn's Memoir : Introduction

Ladùn's Memoir : Introduction
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         Hello, my name is Ladùn Williams, a 26 year old Skincare Developer/Formulator from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm the second and last child of Mr & Mrs Tunde Williams, and I have an amazing elder brother, Niyi. We are Christians and I love my family so much.

          I'm not here to bore you with my family history or childhood experience....naaah, except you want spend the whole day here, lol. But let me tell you a little bit about my family, my father is a retired Accountant and my mum is Civil Servant in Lagos state. My brother, Niyi is an Associate Lecturer in London School of Economics and Political Science, Holborn. 

He is happily married to Sunmbo, a Chef and they are blessed with a son, 'Ireoluwa'. Now let me tell you about someone so special to me, my sweet boyfriend, Ikechukwu Obi.

Ike (pronounced as 'Iyke') is a Freelance Software Engineer here in Lagos and he also runs his Tech Company. I know you will like to know how we met right ? Don't worry that's a gist for another day. But guys, seriously how are you coping in this 'stay at home' period ? This Covid19 is not joke oooo, only God will help us and I heard some people are still going out anyhow, it's like there's cotton wool in their ear abi..............anyways, we will talk later, baby girl is tired of typing, xoxo.............

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