How to Repeat Your Outfit Like A Boss

How to Repeat Your Outfit Like A Boss

         Basically, Outfit Reptition is wearing a particular outfit either frequently or occasionally. I know this is a controversial topic especially for we ladies, as many relate it to 'class'. Some are of the opinion that celebrities should not repeat clothes at all. Anyways we are not here to talk about celebrities, we had enough of them this

        It's funny when people tend to decide when you repeat your dress or not. The truth is there are ladies who can't afford to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Trust me, it's not a bad thing to repeat your clothes as there are ways to tush up that dress you love. So let's go........

1) Be Confident

        I'm not saying you should be proud or add extra shoulder pad to your dress 😄. It simply means you trust your fashion instinct. Ok, let me explain further have you ever seen a lady walk into a room and she keeps looking down/frowning even with the fact that she's wearing a pretty dress. Now imagine the same lady walking in heads up and with a smile🙂, you see it's all about confidence.

Iro & Buba by omoladun_fashion

2) Rock A New Hairstyle

       This is another secret to this repetition thing, and it really works for me. It will be more obvious that you are repeating a dress when your hair still looks the same. The way you style your hair really matters when repeating an outfit.

3) Keep Your Accessories Simple

      Here, your dress and hair needs to be popping while your accessories are simple and still lovely. The magic here still amazes me but you should try it, you will thank me later😉.

4) Get A Plain Colour Dress/Blouse

      If you are a career woman, then this is for you. I call this the wardrobe saver😎 because you don't have be worried about what to wear to work. All you need is a few plain colour dresses, blouses and trousers and you are good to go💪💪💪🥰.

Don't forget it is very important to get an outfit of good quality in order to enjoy the tips above..........The world is in a difficult time right now but I'm sure it will be over soon🙏. #Stayathome #StaySafe❣❣❣

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