Ladùn's Memoir : Family Time

Ladùn's Memoir : Family Time
Photo Artist : CocoMichele Illustrations

        It's Day 4 since Lagos has been locked-down and I feel it's two months already. These days watching/reading the news is now scary as the number of covid19 cases keep increasing across the globe. But I still believe in God that things will get better very soon.

       Mehhen, I miss Ike so much although we talk everyday but I miss hanging out with him. There's nothing as good as seeing the one you love without restrictions, I really cherish those moments now.  Ike is the first son and second child of four children, two sisters and a brother, Ada, Chidera and Nnamdi.

       He actually stays on the Island with his junior brother, Nnamdi and friend, Paul. Recently, himself and his brother moved to their family house on the Mainland as 'baba' couldn't cope with the whole cooking I was very happy he finally went there to spend quality time with them. Ike, himself now understands how lonely his parents are at home as his sisters are married and they are left with a help and security.

     Well, as for me I stay with my parents on a norm although I have never stayed at home this long even when I'm on break. I know its boring sometimes but I'm very grateful to God to be alive and to be with my family in times like this. But I miss my brother, Niyi and I speak to him and his wife everyday. Infact my parents call them when I'm there and we pray together with them, they are worried because U.K has recorded over 3,000 deaths now.

     The good thing is that God has assured us of his word in Psalms 91 and I want you to read it and claim those words for yourself too. If you missed my introduction you can click here and you can catch up with my previous conversation here also.............xoxo.

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