Ladùn's Memoir : Inner Circle

Ladùn's Memoir : Inner Circle
Photo Artist : Alfred Darling Art Gallery

"Babes, I don't feel like going for this party ooo because I'm so tired. I had a busy week....."

"Sorry dear, I understand but I've already told Wande that you and Halima will be coming. Don't worry, it will be fun and you will have a enough time to rest. You know you will sleep over at my place, so relax."

"Ladùn, Shade is right, we all had a long week but it's important we turn up tonight. I'm lucky my mum is around for the weekend to take care of Sarah, and Abdul will turn up later, from there we will go home."

       I always remember this day, it was the day myself and my friends went for Wande's party. It was a product launch at Radisson Blu, Victoria Island........the day I met Ike ( I'm blushing ooo🥰 ). Ike and Wande are childhood friends. Ok, allow me to properly introduce my friends to you.

      Shade Akintayo aka 'Shady for show', a Pharmacist and she's happily married to Wande, a successful business man. Halima Balewa aka 'Sweetest' ( yes, she's sweet like that 😉 ), her husband Abdul, an Architect and they are blessed with two beautiful girls, Sarah and Ruth.

     Now, I understand why God brought them to my life because they are friends like sisters to me🤗. Myself and Halima went to the same University, we met there and we became friends with Shade after we graduated. I love them so much.

    We gist, hang-out, support each other and most importantly, we pray together. Yes, we have our differences but we always sort them out as they are inevitable. I'm happy to have these amazing ladies in my circle and I'm grateful to God for them. I know you will love to know more but I need to go now, remember to stay safe, xoxo.........

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