Ladùn's Memoir : Moving Forward

Ladùn's Memoir : Moving Forward
Photo Artist : Terrato Worzen
Edited by Omoladùn Fashion
            Hmmmmm........sometimes I feel the way this Covid19 outbreak is going is impenetrable but the good news is more people are recovering. Thanks to all health workers, leaders, scientists and everyone trying their best to find a lasting solution to the virus. We will get through this !

           Personally, I have been working on myself, business, taking online courses, setting out plans, and a lot more. Infact Ike and I talk about this most times and I'm glad we are helping each other towards achieving our goals.

         Ok so, I'm not here to talk about productivity competition or make it complusory for you to do something while you stay at home. I believe you are responsible for the choices you make including how you choose to spend your 'time'.

        However I will like you to know that there are better days ahead and it is important to prepare in order to enjoy them. You can catch up with my previous conversation here............xoxo.

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