Fashion Minimalist : 7 Ways to Save More Money

Fashion Minimalist : 7 Ways to Save More Money
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     Nobody wants to be broke, however some people consciously or😅, still spend above their means and as a result of that they get broke. Although there are some circumstances that are beyond control and can damage one's finances ( never pray for such🙏 ). That's why spending above your means is free ticket to having 'no money' and you can control it if you want your bank account to be smiling 😊 for the rest of this year. Below are 7 ways to save more money and still slay 👠👜👟🧢 :

1. Be Accountable
          I'm sure you are familar with the word above which means to have control and care for your money🤑. Don't just know how much your income is but be conscious of how much you 'spend'. With this, you will be able to know if you are living above your means.

2. Make A Priority List ( Budget )
       You can call this the 'blueprint' or plan for spending. It's not just about having a plan but it's important to write them down from the most important ( importanter 😉 )to the least important. I do this everyday, or whenever I want to shop and it has really saved my pocket.

3. Use The 30 Days Rule
         So you just saw this beautiful dress, or sneakers from your favourite designer, and you can't wait to buy it. First relax, write out what you want to buy and the price and wait for the next 30 days to see if you still need it. It's simple right ?😁

4. Take Good Care of Your Closet
          Always keep your outfits, shoes, bags, accessories in good condition. Wash/clean them regularly, iron when needed and arrange appropriately. Trust me, this will save you more money except you are a shopalic 😅.

5. Plan Your Shopping
         This is kind of similar to point 2 but here, it's more direct, ok let me explain. You have a wedding or an event to attend in three (3) months and you definitely need a new outfit/accessories. Make a list of what you will need to buy from the most important to the least and you are good to go 😉.

6. Buy Quality Outfit & Accessories
          I know you are not expecting this but it is what it is 😁. The truth is quality outfits/ accessories last longer although some times expensive but it's worth the value. You won't like to buy something of low quality that you can't use or wear in the next six months to one year.

7. Buy What You Can Afford
          It's as simple as it sounds, 'stop buying on credit'. If you can't afford it now, keep it with the seller and pick it up when you have the complete money 👌😌🤗. 

In case you missed the previous post, kindly click here. With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that you can save more money and still slay 😁🤗😘.......xoxo

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