Ladùn's Memoir : Team 'Us'

Ladùn's Memoir : Team 'Us'
Photo Artist : Nicholle Kobi

          I met Iyke through Shade's husband, Wande, they are best friends. The only time I used to see him was either Wande had a get-together or a family party. All we just do is to greet each other and have short conversations, nothing more.

        Fast forward to three months after the launch party on the Island, I attended a business workshop in Ghana and to my surprise I met Iyke. That was when we exchanged numbers and we got talking . Although our conversation was still basic/work related, but at least we were talking, lol.

        Our relationship remained basic for like four months until one faithful day at a Single's Summit in my church. Yes, I met Iyke again, the first thing I noticed was that he wasn't happy. For the first time he opened up to me, he told me about his break up with his girlfriend of three years. It was an emotional conversation because I shared mine too and that was how we became close but not dating.

         We went on several dates, from the book club, movies, seminars, workshops, shows, a lot. At that point we just wanted to 'breathe' and enjoy life without any drama. Surprisingly, the D-day, it was the night before Shade & Wande's wedding. We organised a small pary for them and Iyke came to me that night, I've never seen him so happy and nervous at the same time. He whispered to my ears, "Can we make this official ?". I just smiled and whispered, "Yes !". Ever since that day God has been seeing us through.

        Don't ask when we are getting married, lol. I solely believe God makes everything beautiful in his time and his time is absolutely the best. Baby girl needs to go now, but you can catch up with the previous gist, here. Always remember to stay safe.....xoxo.

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