More than Fashion : My July Experience

 More than Fashion : My July Experience

        The month of July was a very beautiful one for me and loved ones around me, it was a month of 'good news'. But still July had its dark moments as result of the trending news around the world and at a point I felt its the end. 

      However, there were a few lessons I learnt in this beautiful month and I will love to share with you five (5) lessons ;

1) Life is Short : I know you are very familar with this 'short' but powerful phrase. Tomorrow is never promised, it only takes God's grace to see the next day and this year 2020 is really teaching us that.

2) Never Procrastinate: After knowing fully well that 'life is short', its best to not to delay what you can do now. Its not always easy but 'just do it'.

3. Calm Down : the truth is there will always be challenges, bills to pay, dreams to achieve and sometimes they can be overwhelming. Just take a deep breath and calm down, everything will be fine 😊.

4) Take Care of You  : there's a popular saying that, "health is wealth". Its important to make your health a priority the same way you chase after money. You can only enjoy money when you are in good health.

5) Keep Going : I still believe this year has the best in stock. Thats why its important not to 'give up', ignore the noise and keep moving forward.......xoxo.

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