5 Fashion Quotes that Can Inspire You

5 Fashion Quotes that Can Inspire You
P.S : Focus on the outfit (by yours truly ❤), and not the face 😂.

Ok wait, this is not 'an aspire to maguire' thing. Personally, quotes inspire and encourage me most times (I'm sure I'm not the only one😊). Below are a few quotes (5 of them) that can make you fall in love with fashion the more 😍 ;

1) "I don't design clothes, I design dreams" - Ralph Lauren 

       This quote made me realise that there's more to fashion design than just sewing clothes. It's more about making the outfit of your dream to reality.

2) "People will stare, make it worth their while" - Harry Winston
        Incase you always worry about how some people love to stare. The good news is you can make it worth while 😍.

3) "Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends" - Kate Spade 

           I always thought I will stop playing dress-up but I still do 😅. There are some childhood habits that will never stop and they are fun.

4) "The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive" - Coco Chanel 

           Honestly, I don't have any explanation for this quote. I just want you to read it and think about it 😊.

5) " Trendy is the last stage before tacky " - Karl Lagerfeld 

       There's a thin line between wearing what is in 'vogue' and looking like something else 😏. A word is enough for the wise.........xoxo🥰😘.

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