Basic Tools for Every Fashion Design Student

 Basic Tools for Every Fashion Design Student

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        Having a career in Fashion Design is a beautiful and entrancing journey, however it comes with a lot of dedication, hard work and time. The fashion industry increases everyday which makes the competition look tough.

       Fortunately, there is room for more people to join this industry because there are a lot to explore ! I'm sure you will agree with me that fashion design is a lucrative business and it is important to get trained to become a 'pro'. I will be sharing basic tools that I use as a fashion design student (in no particular order). Keep scrolling 😊 👇.......

1) Tape rule, Papers and Tracing Wheel

As a fashionpreneur it's very important to always have your tape rule , it's your food and medicine. In other words it's very important. The tracing wheel is used for pattern making ( same with the papers ), it's also called pattern wheel or dart wheel.

2) Scissors, Rulers, Curve sets, Pencils, Push pins and Paper tape

I can't over emphasize on how important scissors are to a fashion designer a.k.a😁. The remaining items above will also be needed for  pattern making.

3) Sewing Machine , Threads & Pins

I remembered the first time I enrolled into a fashion school and I felt having a sewing machine immediately was not necessary. Surprisely assignments began to increase and I realised how important it was for me to have a sewing machine to practise with. One of the first things you will be taught in a fashion school is how to use the machine either manual or electric or both.

4) Sketch book & Coloured Pencils

For me, fashion illustration is one of my favourite courses . I know you might think you can't do it because you can't draw. Trust me, you can and you will once there is a good instructor because it is very important in this journey.

The items above are basic tools that have helped me as a student and also for my business. As you continue to practise you will discover more tools that will help you grow in the journey.......xoxo.

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