The New Year & It's Resolutions

 The New Year & It's Resolutions

       First of all, 'Happy New Year' 🎉🎊🥳. I pray this new season marks the beginning of great things in your life. However, hope you have not forgotten that January is a very long year ( if you know, you know 😭😂) and you have enough money to last you till it ends.

      Now to the crux of the matter, this is a time when you write your goals, dreams, plans and expectations for the year ( or you have done that already ).  But for me, I have realised over the years that its not just about having goals but S.M.A.R.T goals ( I believe you are familar with this too ). 

     Personally, I have also learnt that its not just enough to have smart goals but also to be intentional in achieving them ( action ! ). 

    Honestly, its not so easy because there are obstacles here and there but God is always with me all the way 🤗🥰.

      In all, I have learnt that it is very important to rest and trust God to take you through every process. The year 2020 has taught me that, you can plan all you want but 'life happens'. 
     Once again, I pray you enjoy the goodness of this year in peace, joy and prosperity......xoxo ❤.

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